Gary Blackford is a writer/speaker who lives to inspire and equip people to re-write their brain and transform their lives.

Speaking across many corporate and spiritual organisations, Gary has had first-hand experience counselling and guiding groups and individuals through the journey of recovering from mental illness.

An award-winning trainer, life coach, author, teacher and speaker, Gary lives to make life a better place to live. Writing and speaking with unusual candour, Gary takes readers and listeners alike on a journey of discovery. His new book ‘Winning Between the Ears’ follows his acclaimed first release ‘The Fog Lifter.’ Whether hearing Gary in person or intimately engaging with him through his books, you’ll find Gary speaks from a profound place of personal transformation. With refreshing vulnerability, wisdom and empathy, Gary brings a life changing connection, whether in the boardroom, backyard, classroom or corporate keynote.

Gary’s life story inspires and provides practical insights connecting both modern neuroscience and scriptural teachings that birth hope to a generation struggling with the mind. As a result, he leads listener and reader toward healing and renewal of the mind and soul.

Phil Thomson – Leadership Coach, Trainer and Speaker

Gary writes with the authority of one who has grappled with the torment of mental anguish to emerge a champion leading other sufferers into personal victory out of their darkness. In this book, Gary identifies with readers in their inner struggles of confusion, depression, fear and panic, offering practical steps in the journey of total recovery. You’ll be amazed by his up-close and personal insights, humored by his infectious candor and encouraged with his mix of empathy and strong love to rekindle the light of hope to live a purpose-filled life.

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