‘Integrating personal experience and practical, biblical wisdom this book will lead people through their journey, through the valley of the shadow of death, into a life beyond mental illness.’

‘Your Church’  Church of Christ

Ps. Tony Sands

From am email received this week:

“Hi Gary,

I spoke with you last Sunday night.  I just wanted to reiterate what I told you that night in saying your book  “The Fog Lifter” really helped me through the struggles I was going through at the time. It was easy to read and understand. Your personal battles and story really connected with me and gave me a greater understanding and insight into mental illness as a whole. Being a police officer I deal with mental health related jobs nearly every shift and having read your book and my own personal struggles i feel now, i am more equipped then ever to help deal with these sort of situations at work. I have now passed the book onto my brother who is currently going through very severe anxiety and depression and hope it will do the same for him. I would recommend your book to anyone, christian or not who is struggling with mental illness related issues. You personally have played a HUGE role in turning me, an extreme atheist into a god believing christian. I honestly can’t thank you enough.”

Why I do what I do.

Gary writes with the authority of one who has grappled with the torment of mental anguish to emerge a champion leading other sufferers into personal victory out of their darkness. In this book, Gary identifies with readers in their inner struggles of confusion, depression, fear and panic, offering practical steps in the journey of total recovery. You’ll be amazed by his up-close and personal insights, humored by his infectious candor and encouraged with his mix of empathy and strong love to rekindle the light of hope to live a purpose-filled life.

Coffs Family Church

Ps. Lorelle Magee

Darren Bonnell – Snr Ps Northwest Church

I have learnt things today that are life-changers… Dorrigo, 2015

Seminar Attendee

‘Gary Blackford has been a friend and fellow minister here in Coffs Harbour for a number of years. As a pastor for over 14 years I am seeing an incredible rise in the numbers of people struggling with their emotional and mental health. Gary has written an outstanding book on depression and mental illness. It is full of real life experiences that will give hope to all readers, particularly those struggling in these areas. It’s straightforward and easy to read, yet very powerful with practical examples to help readers biblically address some of their own issues. I highly recommend it to you.’

Shaun Foster, Pastor, Former C3 Church Coffs Harbour, NNSW Director C3 Church International. Currently: Victorian director for Compassion Australia.

Shaun Foster

I thank you for writing this book,….my life has been transformed. QLD, 2015


‘Gary’s story of recovery is made even more inspiring by his desire to guide others out of the fog. The way through is presented in clear, practical steps, without discounting God’s role in the healing process.’

Cartoonist and Author

Tony Colley

Straight-forward, easy to understand, powerful.

Compassion Australia

Ps. Shaun Foster, Compassion Australia

‘Gary Blackford’s easy-to-read testimony highlights God’s overcoming power of release from the abyss of personal depression. It is not only challenging and frank but is an insightful handbook with some golden keys to freedom for anyone else caught in the grip of mental illness.’

The Foursquare Church Australia

Wayne Magee

“Since your seminar I have been going from strength to strength.  Just recently Mental health in Tamworth have discharged me from their system/books after being with them for 25 years. June 2013

“I’m now doing a Cert III in Community Services and I’ve started helping others. Thank you Gary, these principles have changed my life.” 2015

Seminar Attendee, Tamworth

Mick Cameron

Bel Thomson – Singer, Songwriter and Speaker

Relevant & transformational…his message helps people find freedom in their lives.

All Nations Woolgoolga

Ps. Peter Ainsworth

Phil Thomson – Leadership Coach, Trainer and Speaker

Gary impressed us with his engaging communication style…

Dorrigo Lifesprings Church

Ps. John and Laurell Woolhouse

William Dumas

“Fantastic…the word was penetrating and brought transformation in our thinking and changed our perspective of how we saw ourselves and our minds. It was awesome.”

Ganggalah Church Tweed Heads

Ps. William Dumas, Senior Pastor

Tony Crowe, Christian Counsellor

You don’t often hear too many pastors talk on the topic of mental illness, anxiety and depression. Yet Gary Blackford tackles these topics head on with vulnerability & honesty, as he weaves his own personal story and the truth of the scripture into a powerful and challenging message.

York Street Church of Christ Ballarat

Ps. Tim Clark, Senior Pastor

“Gary has equipped our leadership team with incredibly practical and achievable methods of helping those in our lives who may battle with various forms of mental illness. His presentation was very engaging and inspiring. The fact that he teaches from a place of personal experience and victory evokes passion and hope into those who hear his wisdom. Thanks Gary for turning what can be a taboo issue into something tangible that has empowered us to help others.”

Justin Pearson C3CH

Gary has an amazing story and unique style in preaching the gospel and encouraging others in their walk of faith with God. He has been an incredible blessing to our church in giving them practical steps in overcoming in life and discovering who it is God has created them to be. I can whole heartedly endorse Gary’s ministry and value he will bring to your church

Generocity Church

Ps. Ben Staines

‘I have known Gary Blackford for over 10 years in the role of Christian Ministry Leadership, and have had the privilege of walking closely with him throughout that time.
Gary is a brilliant communicator with both Passion and Compassion for those who walk through emotionally dark times in their lives, and he brings a refreshing and powerful ministry to people’s lives that is rarely touched in the everyday church environment.
Both Gary and his wife Robyn are a real blessing to the body of Christ and we will be utilizing their ministry gifts on a regular basis here at Riverside.
Our leadership at Riverside fully support their ministry”

Pastor Greg Holder – Riverside Church Grafton

Phil Thomson – Leadership Coach, Trainer and Speaker

“Fantastic…the word was penetrating and brought transformation in our thinking and changed our perspective of how we saw ourselves and our minds. It was awesome.”

Ganggalah Church Tweed Heads

Ps. William Dumas, Senior Pastor


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