Church Leaders training:

Guiding sufferers toward recovery 101:

One of the great challenges for the modern church is to understand and be equipped to aid in the recovery of those suffering mentally and emotionally.

Using scriptural truths related to the mind, placing them in the context of modern science and dealing with the core issues of life, this session trains and equips leaders to help others toward recovery.

Timing of this session:

1 hour – Leaders overview

3 hour – Leaders keys to effective transformation

Subjects covered:

  • Understanding the recovery process
  • Reasons why mental illness and depression are so prevalent in our society and within the church.
  • Why do those suffering from mental and emotional issues struggle with the church so much?
  • How the church can help
  • What scriptural base to use and what not to use.
  • Coaching toward recovery
  • Understanding the mind and Neurological Pathways.
  • How the brain is scientifically renewed.
  • Understanding medication: it’s basic outworking and how to approach someone currently medicated or requiring medication.
  • Bring all sufferers to the basics of holistic healing
  • Redefining how a person is defined
  • Controlling the thought life
  • The art of thought replacement
  • Leading people to freedom
  • Q and A session

Expected results:

Your team will be given scriptural evidence around the mind and it’s renewing. They will know which scriptural passages to use and there context toward recovery. The fear of dealing with the long term recovery of sufferers will be removed.

They will learn why a conversion experience is often met with crippling discouragement within days for someone in the early stages of renewing the mind. The link between recovery and the discipleship process. They will also have access to resources through our web site. Team members personal wellbeing will also benefit from this process.

This provides the ‘how to’ love and guide people suffering from depression and mental illness back to health and into a deeper relationship with Christ. Gary is particularly passionate about church leaders knowing and implementing these truths. There are no ‘pat answers’ here, but rather, powerful truths that bring long-term freedom. The correct application of scripture, taken in context around the renewing of the mind, is fundamental to the whole process.

Gary presents this session with humor and great candor. This session can run from 1 to 3 hours and the Q&A times are always powerful.

Bel Thomson – Singer, Songwriter and Speaker

Gary writes with the authority of one who has grappled with the torment of mental anguish to emerge a champion leading other sufferers into personal victory out of their darkness. In this book, Gary identifies with readers in their inner struggles of confusion, depression, fear and panic, offering practical steps in the journey of total recovery. You’ll be amazed by his up-close and personal insights, humored by his infectious candor and encouraged with his mix of empathy and strong love to rekindle the light of hope to live a purpose-filled life.

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