Recently the world has been stunned at the ferocity of large natural disasters. We have people we work with, go through the series of earthquakes in Nepal recently. These disasters left thousands dead and a nation devastated. A few years ago, just across the Tasman Sea from where I live, the beautiful city of Christchurch NZ is shattered by earthquakes. Then only day’s later Japan was dealt a deadly blow from the massive earthquake and subsequent Tsunami. All these can look to us who have watched these images unfold in colour on our TV’s, as something from the latest Hollywood blockbuster. These natural events are frightening and tragic. I’ve actually never been in an earthquake. I have been in an earthquake simulator, and yes I struggle to imagine how terrifying it must be to have the ground convulsing under your feet, with no stable lace.

Natural earthquakes are a reality, and so are emotionally and mentally shaking times.

The difference is that we can be, in essence, unshakable in our minds and hearts. Even in a world that seems to be constantly moving.

I think millions live in a turbulent unstable way, rocking from side to side and unable to find something solid to build their lives upon. I lived this way for many years myself.

I remember hearing a true story of a young man rescued after a shipwreck. The ship broke apart on a rugged part of coast line. The story told of a young man who, as the ship was torn apart, swam to a rock that protruded from the sea quite a distance from shore. It was above the wave, but only just. The rescuers could see the young man from shore but because of large seas could not get near enough to rescue him. Nightfall came. As the skies dimmed and blackened overhead, so did this young man’s chances of survival. There he was left clinging to a rock as ice cold waves crashed around and all night long the seas spray stung his skin. The next day as dawn approached, rescuers readied their boats. Fearing he had been washed to sea they waited. Straining their eyes at first light, the stunned rescuers could see he was still there, hanging on with every ounce of energy he could muster. Finally the boats arrived and this young man, cold, wet right through, and shaking uncontrollably, was helped from the rock. The rescuers, still astonished that he had made it though the stormy night all wanted to know how he was able to hang on. The men asked: “Weren’t you freezing?” Yes! He replied. “Weren’t you frightened?” ‘Terrified!’ said the young man. Again their wonderment was articulated: “Look at you, you cannot stop shaking.” “This is true,” came a rather breathless reply. Exhausted yet smiling he added, “I shook all night in the dark and cold, but the rock didn’t shake once!”

I’m not sure I did justice to the story, but I think it’s a powerful illustration that we all need to have something unshakable that we can cling to in the storms, wrecks, wild seas and earthquakes of life.

I found my rock, and in life’s storms for which we have had our share, and the times when I have been shaking and hanging on for dear life, the rock I’ve found hasn’t shaken once. As I’ve held on to it, it’s held firm and strong and has stood the test of time.

Let me tell you about my rock, his name is Jesus.

He’s proven strong enough amidst the storms.

Hope you’re encouraged.

Thanks for reading.


Phil Thomson – Leadership Coach, Trainer and Speaker

‘Integrating personal experience and practical, biblical wisdom this book will lead people through their journey, through the valley of the shadow of death, into a life beyond mental illness.’

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