The Church service ministry format:

Gary has spoken in many denominations across a wide variety of formats and will adapt his presentation as much as possible to current themes and schedules.

The most common format revolves around a 35-40minute speaking period. Generally the host church will run the service as usual which may or may not include, worship, communion, giving etc, then the host can introduce Gary to speak. Gary uses images, scripture verses and personal stories that will add tremendous value to your congregation. He also tailors the presentation to the specific demographic of your congregation, depending on the make-up of your morning or evening services. These presentations have been equally well received in Conservative, Traditional, Charismatic or Pentecostal Churches.

(Testimonies from Pastors – Pentecostal and others)

Church conferences and camps:

Gary can speak multiple sessions each day if required, and spend time in smaller intensive group sessions as well. He’s very happy to adapt to various settings and all this can be worked out during the booking process, just don’t ask him to sing. Whether it’s hundreds, thousands or ten leaders in a room, Gary has a reputation for being a connecter on all levels. Whether your camp is specifically for men, women, youth or family based, we expect to see people embracing a deeper connection to Christ and be transformed.

(Testimony from GC Conference sessions)

The most popular format:

A 3 hour ‘Winning between the Ears’ seminar and church speaking session/s.

This could be held in a public hall or church facility, followed by Sunday services at the local sponsoring church.

This public forum/seminar format is extremely popular to invite community members from all walks of life to attend. Using a ‘harmonized truth’ model of three circles intersecting to find healing, Gary uses Science, Scripture and Experience to bring forth evidence based truth that will at the very least have skeptics considering faith. These sessions are perfect for anyone from those with a church background to those who have never even had contact with Christianity before. This three hour format has two 45minute sessions. Often sponsors provide refreshments between sessions. After people have heard Gary speak in a public forum, they are willing to attend the sponsoring church the next day to hear him again.

Bel Thomson – Singer, Songwriter and Speaker

Relevant & transformational…his message helps people find freedom in their lives.

All Nations Woolgoolga

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