Gary treats every opportunity to minister as a great privilege and will adapt his presentation to varying settings. Gary ministers at conferences, special event, men’s and women’s gatherings, outreach events and church services across all denominations and traditions. If you’d like to make a booking or an enquiry, please complete the booking form below. Thanks you.

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    Darren Bonnell – Snr Ps Northwest Church

    ‘Gary’s story of recovery is made even more inspiring by his desire to guide others out of the fog. The way through is presented in clear, practical steps, without discounting God’s role in the healing process.’

    Cartoonist and Author

    Tony Colley


    22 Aug in

    Released in 1964, the haunting melody of ‘The Sounds of Silence’ became a huge hit for Simon & Garfunkel. One line says; ‘But my words, like silent raindrops fell. And echoed, in the wells of…

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    08 Aug in

    Retrofit Definition: add (a component or accessory) to something that did not have it when manufactured. I love a good doco (documentary). While David Attenborough thrills us with the natural world, I think the doco’s…

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    Hacksaw Ridge

    06 Jun in

    Sometimes profound and beautiful moments are captured so well in a film, that in the midst of horrific surrounding, these moments send a message that is not forgotten easily. I remember watching ‘Saving Private Ryan’…

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