Public or Church based Mental Wellness seminar: ‘Winning between the Ears.’

Duration: 3 hours plus Sunday service/s. (Most popular)

What’s covered?

Seminar: 2 x 45minute sessions: (This allows for refreshments between sessions and Q&A time)

Church Service: – See details below

Session 1) Controlling the thought life: This session uses a harmonized truth model relating science, scripture and experience to mental and emotional wellness.

Topics covered:

  • Basics in understanding Neuro-plasticity
  • Neurological Pathways
  • Why thinking is by choice not by chance
  • The renewing process of the mind
  • How does faith fit into the equation?
  • Medication made easy
  • The art of replacing thoughts
  • Controlling the thought life

Session 2) The value of a soul: This session focuses on each individual. Expounding on the value God places on each person.

Topics covered:

  • Misguided value systems
  • Why answering the value question changes everything
  • Understanding true worth/value and defining who we are.
  • Anxiety
  • Core Value Systems in the brain
  • Why belief is stronger than truth
  • Why new Neurological Pathways based on a changed core belief transform our lives.

Note: Gary’s personal story of renewing the mind is interwoven throughout each session

Expected result:

For the believer:

For those who have a relationship with Christ and may have been experiencing challenges in lif, they will be greatly encouraged and given a plan toward recovery and renewal of the mind.

For the non-believer:

For those who have not as yet connected their life to Christ, they will leave knowing they are loved, valued and that the bible is relevant today and speaks clearly regarding the mind and recovery. The desire is that even those who have no experience regarding church or Christianity will begin to allow Christ into the equation of their lives.

They also will have received a story of profound hope.

This is a great opportunity to promote a church event where Gary will be speaking.

Who is this for:

Seminar is suitable for everyone including, sufferers, carers, health professionals, church attendees and ministry workers.

They will all receive greater understanding of processes around recovery, mentally and emotionally. Plus be equipped to help others in a way that connects seamlessly to modern science and scripture.

This seminar can be tailored as a community outreach, an internal church event or a mixture of both.

All people, from long term Christ followers to those who have never before come under the influence of the gospel, will enjoy and be impacted by this seminar.

Style of presentation:

The presentation will vary depending on whether or not the seminar is tailored as a community event or church event. To view a session covering some of the material in a church service environment

Phil Thomson – Leadership Coach, Trainer and Speaker

‘Gary Blackford’s easy-to-read testimony highlights God’s overcoming power of release from the abyss of personal depression. It is not only challenging and frank but is an insightful handbook with some golden keys to freedom for anyone else caught in the grip of mental illness.’

The Foursquare Church Australia

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